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HGH,rHGH,IGF,FST,FS,mgf,Genotropin,Jintropin,Hygetropin,Omnitrope Buy our product, we will give you the Peptide Injection water for free. Honest supply MGF, professional, GMP workshops, high quality, purity≥98%, best price, Accept OEM, Fast and safe shipment We have the products as follow: rhGH IGF-I LR~3 IGF-I des1-3 MGF PEG MGF (IGF-1Ec) CJC-1295 FST GDF-8 Melanotan II Melanotan I PT141 CJC-1293 CHRH-6 Sermorelin Leuprorelin Acetate Sterilization water Bacteriostatic water Peptide Injection water Kindly contact me, get more information: In period of infants and children, people’s muscle continue to growth and we hardly see any myostatin. However, as people move towards adulthood, the number of muscles is nearly stabilized and the myostatin come into play.Scientists have found, the protein named follistatin can cohesive together with the myostatin, and block its inhibitory function, and then promote the growth of muscle fibers. Due to the unique mechanism of action of follistatin promoting muscle growth, it will be better to use it with steroid and IGF. It only acts on muscle tissue, it will not cause the proliferation of other tissue cells after using that. • 296,315,317,344 amino acids of the protein. • Molecular weight: 32600D-37500 D • Purity: Reagent grade (≥ 98%) • activity: ED50 0.1-0.4 mcg/ ml, (inhibitor binding determination of MPC-11 cell growth. • Properties: transparent liquid, white powder • Specifications: 5mcg / bottle 1g / bottle (or according to customer requirements) - Payment : Western Union, Bank transfer - Delivery : 3-7 day - Minimum Order : 1 kit - Packaging : small white boxes
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